Work to include:
I measure and map (if a map is wanted by the client) all of the irrigation (valve) zones on the property. I enter the size (square footage) of each zone, the type of plantings (lawns, shrubs, etc), the number and type of sprinklers, the soil type, the degree of slope and the solar exposure (sun or shade) data for each zone into a landscape irrigation management computer program . The computer program then calculates a watering schedule for each zone that irrigates the plantings with the amount of water needed to replace the water that they have used to grow (through the process of evapotranspiration) since their last watering. I also prepare a list of repairs, adjustments and up-grades that need to be made in each irrigation zone in order to minimize water waste. The property owner can present this list to his/her landscape maintenance contractor and get an estimate for doing the work. When the work is complete I will then program the watering schedule into the property owner’s irrigation controller. After the controller is programmed, I return to the property once a week for 1 month to monitor the performance of the landscape water management program and during those visits I check the soil moisture in each zone with a soil probe (which allows me to see if the zone is being properly watered) and to fine tune the controller watering schedule if needed. This process can reduce water wasted from over watering by up to 50% and therefore significantly reduce water bills.

$TBD per irrigation (valve) zone

Note: Upon the completion of the first month: 1) The maintenance gardener can continue the irrigation programming. 2) The property owner can hire me to visit the property on monthly or quarterly basis (at a cost of $ TBD per visit) to monitor the irrigation system and reprogram the irrigation controller to reflect seasonal changes in the weather and the evapotranspiration rates of the various plantings.