Landscape Irrigation Management

UP TO 50% OF ALL LANDSCAPE WATER IS WASTED! It is wasted by broken or poorly adjusted irrigation systems, BUT MOST OFTEN BY IRRIGATING PLANTS WITH MORE WATER THAN THEY NEED OR THAN THE SOIL CAN ABSORB. This overuse results in unhealthy soil saturation, the percolation of water below the plant roots and of course, run-off, which flows away late at night and is rarely noticed. Over-watering can wash or leach toxic landscape chemicals, bacteria (and money) into our creeks, ground water, and eventually the  ocean. Using thorough system evaluation and computerized calculations to program irrigation controllers to water efficiently, Rob Lane of Rockrose Design is able to minimize water waste, conserve a precious natural resource and significantly reduce water bills.                                                                                                                                                            

For more detailed information regarding Rockrose Design’s irrigation consulting services and fees please see: Schedule of Fees and Complete Irrigation Management Program.

View a slideshow demonstrating several common ways that water is wasted by irrigation systems.

Check out the latest in irrigation technology.

In the future wars will be fought over water! 


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